UK’s Big Hit Comedy now in Auckland
Written by Tanika Gupta. Directed by Sananda Chatterjee



Bindi is a doctor, Mansoor an engineer; she’s Hindu, he’s Muslim. They live in Sandringham where they’re the most popular couple on the street. It has been a great 35-year-long marriage until, Mansoor suddenly decides to go. The drama unfolds at Auckland Airport’s departure lounge where the flight, it turns out, is delayed, giving Bindi the time to launch her battle strategy with a box of bhajjiyas and a bunch of memories.

A host of larger than life characters including overbearing airport staff, nosy neighbours, a local cop, a teenage rapper and an unruffled tourist guide to erotic Indian sculptures take audience on a lively ride that captures the hopes and disappointments of a married couple.

For the first time in their rich 11-year history, Auckland’s much loved Prayas Theatre Company brings a full blown comedy to the stage from 23rd June – 3rd July at TAPAC

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