Bauls of Bengal | 2009

Baul Night I Oct 9, 2009 Baul night II Oct. 9, 2009 Baul night III Oct 9, 2009

Prayas host the Bauls of Bengal

We had the pleasure of hosting the Baul greats in October 2009.

This informal evening gave the opportunity to meet the Bauls and listen to their mesmerising music.

Baul night Oct 2009

Baul music greatly influenced Rabindranath Tagore; he based many of his songs on this format. Interestingly, Baul tradition has also been influenced by Sufi tradition and music.

Prayas provided some of our talent in Auckland to sing along side the Bauls.

It is our great pleasure to have Rani Aklima and her team presenting Rabindrasangeet of Baul influence.

IMG_7164 IMG_7173

Bauls from Bengal visiting New Zealand – A background

Uttam and Lakshan [Bapi] Das Baul, son of the well known Devdas Baul are visiting Aotearoa as part of the installation of the Holiwater project’s feature length documentary – a film inspired by the Baul tradition whilst threading together leading Indian visionaries and environmentalists to consider consciousness as a source of spiritual and scientific wisdom. The Holiwater Project brings together a cinematic vision of the Ganges River. For more information and a sample of the Bauls’ music please visit

The installation of film, photography and music culminates at the Govett Brewster Gallery New Plymouth, on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 October, with captivating public performances conceived to bring the experience of the river to the audience. Indian Baul singers will perform accompanied by live percussion and electronic music beds, within an environment of reflective video projection.


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