Fundraising for Pakistan Floods | 2010


[tab: Cast & Crew]


Kena: Bhavnesh Soni

Becha: Rahul Chopra

The Mystic: Rahul Gandhi

Konar/Doctor: Gaurav Bradoo

Chorus: Vidhit Naik. Aamir Kapasi, Abbas Burmawala, Burhaan Kapasi, Monica Mahendru


Tabla: Vinayak Dev

Harmonium & Lead Vocalist: Moushumi Das


Chorus Direction: Laurel Devenie

Costume: Rajita Patel and Zetin Moza

Makeup: Kanchan Bandopadhyay & Padma Akula

Lighting Design: Michael Craven

Sound Engineer: Theo Gibson

Stage Management: Angela Hicks

Producer: Gaurav Bradoo

Director: Rahul Gandhi


Bass / Keyboard: Colin Hunter

Acoustic Guitar: Tristan Hancock

Drums: Craig Fisher

Tabla: Vinayak Dev

Male vocals: Ashish Ramakrishnan

Female vocals: Moushumi Das

Narration: Monica Mahendru

Concept & Direction: Moushumi Das


Print & Publicity Design: Kavita Upadhyay

Media Planning: Monica Mahendru, Sudeepta Vyas

Photography: Michael Field & Bhavnesh Soni

Hall Management Chiradeep Banerjee, Nilanjan Ghoshal

Treasurer: Ujjal Ghosh

Producers: Sudeepta Vyas & Amit Ohdedar


Margaret-Mary Hollins

Sanjit Dutta

Rohit Pande

Jamila Ahmed

Sananda Chatterjee

Mercury Printz


All image credits to Michael Field

[tab:Media & Reviews]

Listen to Radio New Zealand’s coverage of our Pakistan Flood Relief show

Asian Report for 9 November 2010

Prayas in Hindi is a word, derived from Sanskrit, meaning”endeavour”and the group’s aims to bring Indian drama and music, to all New Zealanders. Their most recent play Beyond the Land of, Hattamala – A tale of two thieves was performed earlier this year for their annual show. This time it’s to raise funds for the Red Cross Pakistan Monsoon Floods Appeal. (duration: 10?23?)

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