Ganga | 2011


A vibrant mix of storytelling, dance and folk music by Prayas performers brought alive the origin of Ganga and the path it has traversed over thousands of years. Prayas presented this story of Ganga on Saturday, August 13th at the Auckland Museum.

The audience travelled from Gomukh up in the Himalayan mountains to the flood plains of Eastern India into its confluence at the Bay of Bengal through a folk song.

They then found themselves in Varanasi– a city some three thousand years old, where time stands still around the river. The ‘aarti’, an energetic devotional song and dance was the tribute that the performers offered to the river.

Soon after this, the fascinating story behind the birth of river Ganga, was unravelled as told in Mahabharata – the great Indian epic. This is where our actors brought history and mythology to life. The performance then looked at some of the issues surrounding this epic river that threaten its very existence. We closed the performance with hope and a call for action that we all can take to do our part in saving this majestic river of the world.

This show was part of the grand event AQUA which was organised at the Auckland Museum. For details regarding the AQUA event, click here

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See below for the video of our performance courtesy of the Auckland Museum.


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