The Terrace | 2007

Prayas staged The Terrace, a contemporary Indian play in English, over three nights in October 2007. Prayas broke away from the folk theatre genre to explore a modern format. The play is set in a rich Indian city milieu and the characters are people at a party who unearth hidden ambitions, intentions, foul play and affairs between layers of gin and tonic … and some surprises too. The Terrace is a path breaking play written by Gujarati playwright Madhu Rye. It exposes emotional vicissitudes; a story of meaningful yet forbidden relationships. The original Gujarati play was staged in the early 1970s in Ahmedabad, Western India. It was later adapted in Hindi and successfully staged at the famous Prithivi Theatre in Bombay.

The cast for The Terrace was drawn from a series of auditions. The intensity of the play required a repertoire of experienced actors; “I am extremely pleased with the quality of actors … the play is extremely taut and gripping and we all have a long road ahead but we have the zeal and a good story to tell,” director Amit Ohdedar soon after casting. He proved right – the play won excellent reviews.

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