The Organisation

Founding Members: Amit Ohdedar, Sanjit Dutta, Nilanjan Ghoshal, Aloke Ray, Sanjay Bhowmick, Rati Bhowmick.

Immediate Objective:
The immediate objective of Prayas is to put up an annual stage production, of aesthetic value and entertainment, by the Indian community. These productions would be based on the works of noted Indian playwrights with available and established English translations. To stage these productions, Prayas will call on talent from across the diverse regional Indian population in New Zealand.

While India has many languages and dialects, English or ‘Hinglish’ (Indian English) has become a common unifying language in contemporary urban India. ‘Hinglish’ is predicted to become the most widely spoken form of English in the not too distant future!

Long-term Objective
A planned metamorphosis is part of the vision for Prayas. We would wish it to gradually associate, and forge links with other Asian/minority communities in NZ to establish a NZ Diversity Theatre/Performing Arts Festival/Day. It is also envisaged to have an Advisory Panel from theatre/performing arts personalities and community leaders who promote such diversities of art.

Please feel free to contact if you have any queries and/or questions through the provided Contact link on the top right hand corner of this page. Alternatively you can use contact [at]prayas[dot]co[dot]nz to get in touch with us.

In the interest of Full Disclosure, the following administrative documents are provided as is.

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